An ace flautist, Ronu Majumdar has done great work in the country and internationally. Discography of Ronu Majumdar enlists some of his famous works:

1994 – For In Custody – A Merchant Ivory film – won the National Film Award

1995 – Remembrance: Melodies of India

1996 – Rag Jog

1998 – Hollywood Hit: Primary Colours

2000 – Hollow Bamboo: Experience the different bandwidths

2002 – Krishna’s Journey

2005 – Ekatman: Spiritual bonding of the Indian Ragas

2006 – Fusion Yatra

2006 – A sacred space

2008 – Music for Pranayam

2009 – Breathless flute

2011 – Lady Astride the Tiger

2013 – Timeless Tagore

2015 – Flute Symphony

2015 – Divine Flute: A soulful interpretation

2015 – Krishna dancing with the flute

2017– Journey: Folk music of India

2017– Seven Raagas – Seven Raagas with beautiful music creation

Bollywood creations:


Judai – Meri Zindagi Tera Pyar;

Ijaazat – Khaali Haath Shaam Aayee Hai; Khaali Haath Jaayegee;

Aar Paar – O Majhi Teri Naiya Se and

A Love Story – ‘Kuch Na Kaho’ in the epic legend ‘1942,

Zameen Asmaan – Aisaa Samaa Naa

Famous bansuri artist discography lists the non – film albums.

Non – film albums:


Dil Padosi Hai

Rakhaal Chandra Maataal

Saaton Baar Bole Bansi

Flute Artist Ronu Majumdar discography enlists details about his albums, Bollywood and Hollywood creations.



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